Pride March is on this Sunday (2 febbraio) at 2pm.  

Below is a clear map of the route, including the Assembly Area. We will assemble from 1pm onwards.

We are no. 72 in the order (missed out by 3!).

Given the predicted forecast of 41 degrees (YIKES!) we ENCOURAGE as many of you and your allies to march with us (or others) 'cos when the going gets tough, the tough (and tender) get going'!!!

Ricordatevi di  slip, slop, slap, hats, water ecc..

A domenica, dimostrando il nostro ORGOGLIO! 

Ferragennaio - Midsumma Carnival

Sunday 12 January,
Alexandra Gardens from 11am

(improved) map below:

Ferragennaio - Midsumma Carnival 2014

VIDI, VICI, VENI - Celebrate Lesbian, Bisexual, Gay, Trans*, Intersex and Queer Culture!

ArciLesbica Australia will be alive and kicking at Midsumma Carnival, Sunday 12 February from 11am - 6pm

This year Carnival returns to its old stomping ground, Alexandra Gardens, Melbourne CBD

Our stall is located next to Pride March Victoria and the Victorian GL Rights Lobby (see map below).

ArciLesbica Australia stall location map
For more info go to: Midsumma Carnival or feel free to call us on 0408 137 037.

A domenica!


Prontissime per la stagione di festivita' estive della nostra comunita'.

Saremmo presenti a Midsumma Carnival e Pride March.

Dettagli aggiornati tra poco...
Letargo [pubblicamente].

Le facende di casa nostra continuano e ritorneremo ristorati pronti per la primavera.

A presto.

Lots of palle & history, play Bocce @ ChillOut

Old Macaroni Factory, Hepburn Springs
Venite a giocare con le palle.. ArciLesbica & The Old Macaroni Factory event @ ChillOut

This Saturday the 10th March, 2012

Future events

Upcoming events...keep peeping for updates!


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